First Impressions of the Samsung Epix

Obligatory marketing blurb here.

So, I had an AT&T Tilt phone.  Maybe it was just my particular model, but it basically sucked.  Poor battery life, poor manufacturing quality (back panel broke pretty quickly), odd random touch screen issues, and so on.

Even though I’d had the phone for less than a year, I had enough and was able to get the new Epix.  Though there are various differences, it is basically a Blackjack with a touch screen.

It’s a shiny little bugger that likes to pick up fingerprints, but the main immediate thing I’ve noticed with it is the sensitivity (or lack thereof) of the touch screen.  It seems to require a more firm input than with the Tilt.  This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but something I’ve had to get used to.

It’s definitely lighter than the Tilt brick.  I don’t text a lot so can’t say much about the keyboard, though I gather it is like the previous Blackjack units.

If it ends up being not great, I can always wait till the new Sony Xperia comes out.

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