My Favorite Songs of over 10 minutes in length

This is an odd list.  Fine.  My list of my favorite songs of over 10 minutes in length, ranked in rough order of preference, with comments if I care to include them, listed as Artist - Song Title - Album - Length:

  • King Crimson - Starless - Red - 12:16
    • My favorite song of all time, it is simultaneously harsh and beautiful.  Plus, I have this mental image of Robert Fripp, the guitarist, going to the rest of the band and saying "Okay, I'm going to play this staccato monotonous pattern for the next 6 minutes, play something over it."
  • Porcupine Tree - Anesthetize - Fear of A Blank Planet - 17:43
    • A brilliant song, with multiple 'movements' including an end that echoes Echoes.
  • Porcupine Tree - Arriving Somewhere But Not Here - Deadwing - 12:02
    • The lyrics don't quite make sense (the album is based on some screenplay treatment, I gather), but the energy of the song is tremendous.
  • Jimi Hendrix - Voodoo Chile - Electric Ladyland - 15:00
    • Truly an all-time classic, with Steve Winwood on organ.  Sure, the lyrics make little to no sense, and you can argue that he doesn't play note for note as fast as Eddie Van Halen or whatnot, but the song is brilliant.
  • Marillion - The Invisible Man - Marbles - 13:37
    • Apparently, there is some connection with this song to Iraq or whatever (I try not to let politics ruin good music), this works really well as a love song, especially as Hogarth's voice breaks in the final verses.
  • Pink Floyd - Echoes - Echoes - 23:27
    • At various points, the song mimics whale song.  You would think this was bad, it isn't. 
  • Arlo Guthrie - Alice's Restaurant Massacre - Alice's Restaurant - 18:01
    • One of the all-time classics.  "Kill...kill...", enough said.
  • Marillion - Ocean Cloud - Marbles - 17:58
    • Based on the life of a man who crossed the Atlantic multiple times by himself in a row boat (or something like that).  You would think this is bad, it isn't.
  • Peter Frampton - Do you feel like we do? - Peter Frampton Comes Alive - 13:47
    • The ultimate use of the talk box, and a great live release.
  • Frankie Goes To Hollywood - Welcome to the Pleasure Dome - Welcome to the Pleasure Dome - 13:39
    • One of the oddest bands of all time.  But this really works well.
  • Pink Floyd - Shine On You Crazy Diamond - Wish You Were Here - 13:30
    • Their ode to Syd Barrett, after his descent into madness.
  • Marillion - Neverland - Marbles - 12:10
    • In retrospect (given Hogarth's recent divorce), a bit depressing, but the lyric "I want to be someone who someone would want to be" and how he gets that from his wife is poignant.
  • Yes - Heart of the Sunrise - Fragile - 11:32
    • I have this perverse like of songs that take a few minutes to get to the opening lyrics.  This one kicks in somewhere past the 3 minute mark.
  • Genesis - Home By The Sea (Part 1 and 2) - Genesis - 11:12
    • A bit of a cheat, I guess, since it is really two songs, but I consider them one unit.
  • King Crimson - Islands - Islands - 11:54
    • Very un-King Crimson like.  Quiet, reserved, 'majestic' (for lack of a better word).
  • 3 - Amaze Disgrace - Wake Pig - 16:24
    • They were the opening band on the recent Porcupine Tree tour, and this was the song they closed with.  An interesting song, with a one minute break in the middle, drum/percussion solo towards the end.
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