Dumb-Ass Spammers

Sometime a long, long time ago, I let in a trackback to a porn site on some old post.  I think this was before I had moderation on.

In any event, a couple of months ago, after turning moderation back on, I noticed I was getting a ton of 'pingtrack' (Subtext language) comments to moderate.  A few hundred a day.  Tied to the one post that one had slipped by into.

After a few days of deleting them (more or less automatically), I turned off trackback/pingback support entirely.  Nothing more to moderate appeared in the Admin.

Well, I was looking at some reports that indicated my traffic had increased 400% (at least) recently.  Since I've never ever had anything interesting on my blog, and certainly nothing recently, I took a look at the raw logs.

They keep trying.  The fact that the links never appear seems to have increased their activity immensely.

I guess they hope that they are all stacked up and so when I turn trackbacks back on, tens of thousands of links will appear.  Dumb.

I know one standard approach is to turn off comments after a post's entry date after a certain period of time, but one thing I find personally annoying is discovering some blog post from some time ago that I've never seen till now, and been unable to respond since too much time had passed.

Still, I worry about the poor slaves in Slovakia (did trace one such spam farm to there) who are continually adding spam to (mostly) porn sites (though every once in a while they would try to slip in a trackback to Iowa Men's Soccer or something similarly benign), and they don't even get the joy of knowing I'm manually deleting them.


posted on Monday, March 17, 2008 8:03 PM Print
# re: Dumb-Ass Spammers
3/26/2008 5:08 AM
I know how you feel! :) I just hope, that some day there would be international internet police that could kill all the spam-sources... 1st warn the isp that this and this ip is spamming, then cut off whole isp if they dont do anything. phew.

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