Can you help find me find the song that matches this lyric, #1

Google search is an awe inspiring thing (well, sort of).  I’ve mentioned before that I sometimes wonder how developers wrote code before Google existed.  I simply cannot seem to memorize syntax well.  Bouncing between css, html, c#, t-sql, vbscript, perl, foxpro, and other things these last couple of years, without some combination of Google and intellisense, I would be lost.

Ironically, I also have, at times, near photographic memory.  Now, I think just about everyone has near photographic memory when it comes to significant events in their lives.  For instance, I remember where I was when the Challenger exploded, or what was happening the day of 9/11, and also for more personally significant events, and that isn’t something that I think is that unusual. 

But I also have near photographic memory of all sorts of things that, one would think, wouldn’t qualify as being significant enough.  One area appears to revolve around song lyrics.

To give an example:

Back in what must have been 1997, I was driving to Boca Raton, FL from South Beach to teach one of my classes at Florida Atlantic University.  A song came on the radio that I really liked, but the station didn’t identify who it was by at the time.  I think I knew at the time that it sounded a lot like Peter Gabriel.  8 years later, I remembered the experience, and remembered the line “what was it we were thinking of.”  Through the power of Google, I was able to identify it as “Secret World” of off Gabriel’s Us album, and it remains one of my favorite songs of all time (you can guess a YouTube post will be coming at some point soon if there’s a decent version of it).

Why is that something I would remember 8 years later?  Beats the heck out of me.

Anyway, this leads to the point of the post.

Given the client I was working at, I know it was around 2004.  The client was in an industrial warehouse type place, and so for lunch, I would go drive around for half an hour and listen to the radio, then pick something up and come back.  The radio station was WXRT, which at the time had a terrible web site that wouldn’t give you the playlist for the day, so you couldn’t just go look up what you heard.

The singer was someone I didn’t recognize (a male), and the two lyrics that I remember are:

“I haven’t said grace at dinner/Since the day my father died” and in the chorus “Sing a simple song” (which I think was sung by a female or female lead chorus, but that I don’t remember as strongly)

My Google-fu is strong, but I’m drawing a blank.  “Sing a simple song” is a lyric that is fairly common (I think I used it back in the day when I wrote songs), so you get a lot of hits on Sly and the Family Stone or the Temptations, but the other would be a straight hit on Google, if anyone had ever posted it.

I thought that Google recorded everything that had ever happened in the course of human history, but perhaps not.

Or I could be “mis-remembering” it, but I don’t think so.

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