Public Image Limited–Ease (not even remotely live)

Normally, I wouldn’t post a ‘video’ where there isn’t a video, really, just a shot of the cover.  The oddness of the lyrics of the song, combined with the brilliance of the guitar solo and the fact that there was never a live version of this that could do it justice, makes this an exception.

Recorded arguably before Steve Vai was Steve Vai, this song was on a release by PIL that was, well, odd, in many ways.  If you got a cassette (“Daddy, what’s a cassette?”…”Shut up”), the title of the release was “Cassette.”  If it was an album…you get the picture.  In one of the weirder combinations of all time, you get John Lydon singing a song with an unbelievable guitar solo from Vai.  I haven’t the slightest idea how this was thought-up, but it works.  Supposedly, Vai thinks this is one of his best solos ever, but I read that on the Interweb, so who knows how accurate that is.

What I remember from the review in whatever guitar magazine I was reading at the time when the release came out was the description of the solo as “pinballing.”  No, I don’t know exactly what that means either, but it seems to fit.  Enjoy.

Have a nice day
These things in ease

What makes you happy
Your misery
These things in ease

Susan and Norman
You're so normal
Susan and Norman
You're so normal


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