Accell UltraAV DisplayPort to VGA Adapter–An Endorsement

I bought a Dell Dimension 8100XPS to replace my existing desktop when the power supply blew up.  I chose the 8100 XPS because it got better reviews than a comparable HP, and I’m done with PowerSpec units dying, and it was what was in the store at the time.  It’s an 8GB (expandable to 16 GB) Ram, 8 core machine and I’ve been pleasantly surprised.  The last Dell I used was some Latitude crappy laptop from back in the day, and I was happy at how easy it was to wipe it and load from scratch.

Anyway, it contains an ATI Radeon something or other (5750 I think) which allows you to hook up 3 displays at once, which I’ve always wanted to upgrade to (from the typical 2 monitor setup), but each time I tried to add the 3rd display, it wouldn’t get recognized, or would disconnect one of the other ones.  After some research, it turned out that one of the monitors had to be DisplayPort-capable (something to do with clock syncing, or something too lazy to learn).  Okay.  What the hell is a DisplayPort again?  Google…..

Great.  I don’t have one of those.  What to do?

Enter Accell.  I can’t tell for sure that it is exactly the same quality as a straight HDMI connection, but hell if I can tell the difference.  The adapter allows you to (surprise, given the name) plug a VGA port into it and then into the DisplayPort port in the video card.  It’s cheap, and it works.

If you find yourself with a similar requirement, it performs as advertised.

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