Why did I tweak Tekpub?

In a previous post, I tweaked Rob about Tekpub being affected by the Amazon outage.  Why?

People have suggested a couple of reasons:

- I’m a dick.

- I’m jealous.

- I didn’t do my research to see that other sites were affected.

The first suggestion is undoubtedly true.  The others are false.

Rob is INFLUENTIAL.  He should use his power for good

Rob seemed to drop the ball in not expecting an Amazon failure/outage.  It left him in a state that could have had (in theory) pretty negative ramifications for his business and his customers.  As far as can be seen, it didn’t.  That is a good thing.

Now that Rob has experienced the sort of problem that many of us have experienced over the years more often than we wanted to, it is precisely because Rob is well read and influential, that he can produce a series on site operations either on Tekpub or on his blog that will greatly benefit his readers.

Creating successful software involves many different things.

- software needs to be well written

- software needs to be easily deployable (and potentially, undeployable)

- software needs to be able to handle operational ‘necessities’

Rob has almost always focused on the first item.  Although the actual BDD presentation of his wasn’t technically the greatest in the world, it’s probably one of the most influential ones that I’ve ever watched, because it changed completely how I did software development.

The topic of deployability is pretty complex, and depends so highly on your environment, that Tekpub’s (seemingly) simplistic environment might not be a great base for much discussion.

However, now that Rob has had to deal with the outage of a revenue-generating online site, he’s in a perfect position to explain how he handled it and provide guidance for his readers.

- although his particular implementation is tied to Amazon, he should be able to provide general guidance on how to handle a site outage.

- since Tekpub appears to accept credit card payments (I’ve never needed to signup myself, so I don’t know for sure), he should be able to provide general guidance about how to implement PCI Compliance.  This is a huge topic.

- since Tekpub is a publicly available site, he should be able to provide general guidance about how to avoid common Internet attacks.


Imagine a “Mastering Site Ownership featuring Tekpub” subscription Rob could produce.  He could do so without revealing any secrets that are business specific.  In doing so, he would provide influential guidance that would benefit a lot of people.

I would offer to assist myself, but we can imagine how well that offer would go down.

With his influence, Rob could even further his assistance to the community if he looked at this as an option.

Just a thought.

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