How to get a series on the Food Network

Step one - Pick a contestant skill level: incompetent, novice, ‘foodie’, professional

Step two – Pick a theme: could be a particular food type (e.g, cake), could be a particular food technique (e.g, grilling), could be just a general competition in order to become the next <insert next what here>.

Step three – Pick a judging panel: should be (though isn’t always the case) relevant to what you pick in step one and two.  If possible, include at least two of the following: generally effeminate guy, guy with bad hair, fairly smoking hot woman.  This helps satisfy the widest range of demographic.

Step four – have them eliminated in a tension filled scene in front of the judges.  Ideally, string it out over multiple weeks or months.

Voila.  You have a hit TV show. 

I have a write-up treatment featuring novice pickling contestants entitled “Strut Your Kraut”, that’s bound to be a hit.  Please don’t steal it.

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