No Windows 8 Boot Menu = bad

One of the ‘features’ of Windows 8 is that it boots so fast that you can’t actually get the typical F2/F8 boot menu to show when powering up.  Instead, you can, from within Windows 8, tell it to boot into a typical boot menu (where you choose to use last known good, etc.).  If for whatever reason your last boot into Windows fails, the boot menu will also show.

This is all great, but as my experience with trying to get Clear 4G to run on Windows 8 on a MacBook Air shows, this isn’t good enough.  Windows boots ‘just fine’ but because the keyboard is tied into USB, which Clear 4G kills, you end up at the log in screen with no ability to actually do anything.

Though I admit the connection is tenuous, this sort of fits into a mantra of mine “Don’t tell me what you think I need to do, just do what I want to do.”  Without naming names, I’ve run into a situation in the past where certain sites that I visit regularly don’t offer nice print versions of the blog posts that I read.  When I’ve tried to request that nice print versions be offered, I’ve occasionally heard various reasons for why I shouldn’t actually want print versions, but instead should do something else.

But, I don’t want to do something else.  At times, I like printing out blog posts so that I can mark them up with good old fashion things like pens and highlighters.  It’s how I roll.

So, it isn’t relevant to me when I read things (as I have) like “well, most Windows 8 users will never need to launch a boot menu using F2/F8 functionality.”  Fucking good for them, but there are times when you aren’t ‘most’ users.   Give me what I want.

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