Another example of the brilliance of ESPN commentating

I realize that there are many different sources that do a much better job at pointing out on a continual basis how fucking awful ESPN is, in all of its multitude of suckitude, but sometimes, it just is really rich.

Mike Ditka decided, on the Mike and Mike morning show, that he really wanted to talk about the Detroit Lions’ special teams, as they haven’t been doing well.  Or, the producers’ decided they wanted him to talk about it.  At least the segment wasn’t sponsored by Coors Light.

Anyway, what did we learn? 

We learned that, back in the 1800s when he coached special teams, he wanted players who ‘wanted it’ and didn’t want players who didn’t want it.  I did not know that before.

He then informed us that the other team had players who were trying, and focus on this, to prevent the Detroit Lions’ special teams from doing their best.  Outstanding.  The other team was also trying to win?  Clearly, that other team ‘wants it.’

Thirdly, we learned that if the Detroit Lions’ special teams failed to tackle their opponents, they were going to be in trouble.  Tackling is important to stopping another team from returning a punt or kickoff for a touchdown? God bless you Mike Ditka!!!!!! I have seen the light!!!!!!

Will we forever live in a world in which these idiots have no competition?

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